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Welcome to Exomake. Making manufacturing easy.

For those of you who have never met us before, hello!

You might be wondering who the heck we are and what we do? We are a platform seeking to subdue spreadsheets and over complicated manual work for manufacturing companies. We do this by integrating production and financial information into one easy to use platform. In the words of one of our clients “ExoMake has provided us with the ability to analyse key metrics from production runs at an individual product level or a group of products over time.” Basically – we help you to make manufacturing easy so you can make smart decisions.


From Spreadsheets to Simple Manufacturing

Peter Marshall, one of our founders, was working as a production manager on the floor of a batch processing manufacturing company. His life was totally overcomplicated with spreadsheets. Rescheduling production was a very manual, time-consuming and overly complicated process – sound familiar ? He searched for a solution that would make things simple and automate as much as possible, but there was nothing on the market. In his spare time, and using his knowledge in development, he set out to deliver a simple platform that was able to reschedule simply, look back at historical production runs, view wastage, produce ingredients required reports and production schedules.


Accounting Integrated Into Manufacturing

Once he got a handle on managing all those spreadsheets, he considered that it would be of huge advantage to have all the product costing managed through the same system. Simple, but also mind blowing after all those spreadsheets! So he set about adding this part onto the existing framework. After this, the logical step was to integrate it into an accounting package. They chose MYOBExo. This gave them the advantage to query and adjust existing stock levels during the production process, as well as add finished products back into stock at the actual cost of the production run. This allowed them to be a lot more accurate in the running of their business.


Identifying Production Inefficiencies

Fast forward a few years. Peter and his team realized there weren’t the only ones to be challenged by all that tricky detail. They started to reach out to manufacturing companies who were all too happy to have some help in this department.  “The information ExoMake has provided us with, has played a major part in identifying production inefficiencies and enabled us to focus on driving improvements that have delivered significant benefits to the business ultimately flowing through to our bottom line.”


Where to from here?

ExoMake has been maturing as a platform and is ready to reach out to larger batch manufacturing companies, see what we did there… “We feel we can bring the benefits of improved flexibility and visibility through the manufacturing process, from costings to dispatch, helping you to make manufacturing management easy so you can also focus on driving improvements that have delivered significant benefits to the business. If you are buried in spreadsheets, tearing your hair out at rescheduling or would just like to gain better visibility of your business, reach out to Peter for a no-obligation discussion about how ExoMake could help transform your business.

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