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ExoMake is a quantum leap forward from where we were as a business in terms of integrating production and financial information. It has revolutionised production reporting for QFS and is both an integral and indispensable part of our business. ExoMake has provided us with the ability to analyse key metrics from production runs at an individual product level or a group of products over time. The information it has provided us with has played a major part in identifying production inefficiencies and enabling us to focus on driving improvements that have delivered significant benefits to the business ultimately flowing through to our bottom line.

ExoMake is much more than a tool for integrating our financial and production information and is used by all departments across the business:

  • Technical / Product Development – creating and managing our BOM’s is a simple and time efficient process that easily captures and deals with the manufacturing intricacies associated with our products e.g. waste, sub-products, run rates etc.;
  • Product Costing – Based on the BOM ExoMake captures current prices from out of MYOB Exo Business to deliver a product costing at the touch of a button incorporating raw materials, packaging, labour, freight and overheads seamlessly;
  • Production Planning – calculates production time at a product level based on history with the flexibility to omit extraordinary production runs or events  and allowing for downtime etc.
  • Inwards Goods – managing inventory, looking at current stock levels and purchase orders combined with the production plan to identify what our requirements are to meet the needs of production;
  • Logistics – enables us to manage our shipping schedule and reporting easily;
  • Production – can capture and compare to target a wide range of production metrics including yield, run rates, staff numbers and breaking waste down to what is usable and what is not;
  • Finance – manages the cost of production based on individual production runs enabling product level or product grouping level profitability reporting;
  • General – there are a number of customised reports that have been set up within ExoMake that have been set up to provide essential information and reporting across our business;

If there is a downside to ExoMake it is the lack of flexibility in being able to create your own reports without having to go through a developer.

In short ExoMake is a great tool for us that is used widely across our business.

Tony Gray  |  Chief Financial Officer  |  Quality Foods Southland Limited

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