Fully integrated Costings, Production and Dispatch system

For small to large Multi-Line production environments – fully integrated with MYOB Exo.

ExoMake is designed for small to large multiline production environments and is fully integrated into MYOB Exo.

Our software helps manufacturers, introduce a fully integrated Product costing, Production planning, and Dispatch system without the complexity of other competitors products.

Production Planning

– Do you have a production planning system?
– Do you use historical data to efficiently plan production?
– Do you accurately estimate required raw materials?
ExoMake uses historical information to accurately plan production, determine raw materials required, and how long it will take. This allows you to plan production around staff and equipment resources.

Stock Visibility

– Do you know where all your stock is?
– Can you accurately account for all stock, Know current stock levels?
– Do you know the current value of Stock?
ExoMake fully integrates with MYOB Exo and allows ExoMake to determine if the required materials are available for production, removes material from stock during production and returns finished product back into stock at the correct price based on product costings module.


– Do you know the cost price of your product?
– Do you know how much it will cost you to create one product?
– Do you know how to calculate how much your product will cost?
ExoMake makes this easy allowing you to bring BOM, Freight, Business cost together and giving you accurate upto date costs which are used throughout the system.


– As a manager do you have visibility on production waste?
– Do you know if production departments are meeting their targets?
– Is your business loosing money during the production processes?
ExoMake is designed to track production from order right through the production process to Dispatch, ExoMake allows you visibility allowing you to reduce cost, improve efficiency and reduce your stress levels!
  • ExoMake has allowed us to manage stock much more efficiently.

    Alistair Ball Pastry Manufacturer and exporter
  • We had an efficient and smooth transition to ExoMake. I have found ExoMake very practical and user friendly, with ongoing product support only a phone call away. I would highly recommend.

    Simon Jackson Shipping & Productions Planner
  • ExoMake is a quantum leap forward from where we were as a business in terms of integrating production and financial information. It has revolutionised production reporting for QFS and is both an integral and indispensable part of our business. 
     Read full testimonial here...

    Tony Gray CFO
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